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an independent Palestinian non-governmental development organization working in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture and heritage; Founded in 2018 and registered in January 2019, Spark promotes creativity and innovation through its interventions to generate core values in our society, to be a thriving and successful society in which all people have access to the appropriate tools to launch new ideas and create innovative business opportunities; Spark believes in the vital role of creativity and innovation as an essential part of any solutions provided to Palestinian youth and adolescents and those who are looking for an opportunity to develop themselves.

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Spark Programs

Environment and Climate

The Environment, Climate Program supports actions that enable young people to translate climate change programs into effective policies that have a measurable impact on the well-being of young people, and to ensure that future generations are spared the harsh effects of climate change.

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Culture and Citizenship Program

The Culture and Citizenship Program integrates culture, citizenship education, and innovation to foster global-mindedness, creative leadership, and social impact.

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Digital transformation and STEM education

The vision of the Young Leaders and Positive Citizenship Program focuses on "youth and youth, leaders and active and responsible citizens who are able to realize the reality in which they live at the local and global levels and bring about change in order to achieve sustainable development in their societies."

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Implemented under the supervision of Spark Digital Hub



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