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"Smart container project "Intelligent Waste Container


A new way to manage garbage efficiently......
Spark Society for Innovation and Creativity, under the supervision of a group of engineers, launched the Smart Container Project, which is an innovative project aimed at improving waste management and making the most of it.

This smart container comes equipped with modern technologies that enable it to intelligently monitor and analyze the level of garbage inside it. When the container is full, it will automatically send a notification to the unloading teams to empty it.

It is impressive that this container relies on solar energy and is equipped with solar-powered sensors, which reduces the operating cost and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Dr. Yahya Al-Sarraj, Mayor of Gaza, said: “The smart container project is part of our efforts to improve our environment and manage garbage more effectively. We are excited to present this project that will make our daily lives easier and more environmentally friendly.”

The first smart container was installed in the Spark Association as a prototype, and this project is scheduled to be expanded to include a number of sites, neighborhoods, and streets of Gaza City.

  In this context, an extraordinary meeting was held to discuss the implementation of the smart container project on the shores of the Gaza Strip sea.
The meeting was attended by a group of prominent experts and officials, including Hossam Ismail from GIZ, the German International Cooperation Agency.

  Eng. Hossam Ismail expressed his optimism about this pioneering innovation, saying: “We are excited to work on developing and implementing this innovative project. It will contribute to improving garbage management and saving resources effectively.”

The meeting's discussions were about how to develop and implement this smart container in the streets of the Gaza Strip. The importance of this project in improving garbage management and maintaining a clean environment was emphasized.


This project represents an important step toward improving litter management and sustainability in our region, and we will continue to provide updates on the project's progress and its positive impact on our community.