All that is real must someday be imagined


an independent Palestinian non-governmental development organization working in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture and heritage; Founded in 2018 and registered in January 2019, Spark promotes creativity and innovation through its interventions to generate core values in our society, to be a thriving and successful society in which all people have access to the appropriate tools to launch new ideas and create innovative business opportunities; Spark believes in the vital role of creativity and innovation as an essential part of any solutions provided to Palestinian youth and adolescents and those who are looking for an opportunity to develop themselves.

Our vision

Towards a creative Palestinian society in which every young man and woman uses their creativity to shape their future in an effective way

Our mission

SPARK is an innovation center that provides Palestinian youth and adolescents with an inspiring, innovative and motivating learning environment in order to enhance their creativity in order to enhance their access to decent job opportunities from a digital perspective.

Our Values

Spark believes in and promotes the following values in everything we do: Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Equality, Justice, Rule of Law, Inclusion, and Do No Harm

Target groups

Youth and adolescents ((boys, girls, women, men)) with/without disabilities, away from any aspect of discrimination (race, color, religion, disability, geographical area, etc.) in the Gaza Strip, Palestine.


Spark is making efforts to achieve its goals. Mobilization the strength of youth and adolescents in the Gaza Strip and providing them with innovative interventions in the areas (educational, economic, social, cultural) that will improve their living conditions • Increasing the sensitivity of community members and the response of decision makers towards the rights, issues and priorities of youth and adolescents • Improving the quality of services provided by SPARK and maintaining an increasing level of satisfaction among the various stakeholders.

What sets us apart

Spark always strives to be distinguished by civilization. • The first maker space for youth and adolescents in the Gaza Strip • Comprehensive experiences among the staff who have worked in these areas for 20 years • Free access to all our services for youth and adolescents from all over the Gaza Strip