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  Digital transformation and STEM education

Digital transformation and STEM education

The vision of the Young Leaders and Positive Citizenship Program focuses on "youth and youth, leaders and active and responsible citizens who are able to realize the reality in which they live at the local and global levels and bring about change in order to achieve sustainable development in their societies."

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Digital transformation and STEM education


We are the makers

A program that aims to inspire young people and achieve their ambitions through technical and vocational education and training (TVET) by encouraging young people and students to think about practical projects that enhance the practical and professional learning experience that takes place in Spark Makerspace, where young people involved in projects learn how to build the prototype of the project, up to To present the final project and discuss the possibilities of its implementation. The projects and ideas adopted promote the concept of a circular economy, 21st century skills and learning for work. It helps youth and adults develop the skills needed for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship while supporting inclusive and sustainable economic growth

Girls in Steam

Provide young girls with the opportunity to immerse themselves in STEM subjects in order to close the gender gap in STEM fields

STEM in education

Activities and programs in cooperation with schools to teach science specialization in its various branches in schools in an integrated manner, and to develop higher-order thinking skills among students, scientific research skills, problem-solving, and teamwork

Digitization and inclusion

Activities, programs and events to help youth and adolescents gain comprehensive access to technology and digital tools, with the aim of contributing to the eradication of digital illiteracy for youth in the Gaza Strip, by providing them with tools that will improve their ability to deal with digital platforms, applications and media, and enhance their access to the digital labor market and increase their opportunities in Compete in the digital work environment while ensuring that they have the security skills of the target group to deal with digital security threats

Digital transformation and STEM education


Spark implements exhibitions that include scientific exhibits, under various themes, all of which have gone through a process of research, modeling and evaluation.

Digital transformation and STEM education

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