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Women's rights in Sharia courts in Palestine

SPARK held an important workshop on women's rights in Sharia courts in Palestine, and 18 people attended this workshop. This event is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness and promotion of issues of gender equality in the Sharia justice system. Donia, one of the participants, provided positive feedback about the workshop, saying:

"The workshop was educational par excellence, and provided valuable and comprehensive information about women's rights in the Sharia judicial system in Palestine. It focused heavily on issues of marriage, divorce, children's rights and custody, in addition to inheritance and alimony. Legal concepts were simplified and explained clearly and in a way that everyone can understand."

"The workshop also included discussion sessions and an exchange of views between the participants. I was able to ask questions and discuss personal experiences and expertise. These interactive sessions were useful for understanding the challenges of women's rights in Sharia courts and dealing with them effectively."

During the workshop, the focus was on everything related to marriage and its provisions, and the consequent dowry, housing, alimony, lineage, eligibility provisions, interdiction, wills and their types. All aspects of divorce, its rulings, and its effects, such as alimony, kit, and others, were also dealt with.

Dunya called for this workshop to contribute significantly to empowering women and increasing their awareness of their rights in Sharia courts. The knowledge and skills they acquire will help bring about gender equality and justice in the justice system.

Finally, the workshop on women's rights in Sharia courts in Palestine is a valuable opportunity to raise awareness and promote gender equality in the judicial system. This workshop is expected to have a positive impact on the participants and promote women's rights in Sharia courts.