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..Spark implemented a workshop targeting postgraduate students at the Islamic University on STEM Education

In collaboration with IOE at UCL, UK, Spark organized a workshop aimed at familiarizing 14 educators from the Islamic University of Gaza with Spark for Innovation and Creativity, as well as introducing them to the concepts of STEM education, Makerspace, and Project-based Learning. The workshop provided an opportunity for the educators, including school directors and teachers pursuing their PhD, to gain practical insights and knowledge in these areas. The workshop commenced with Heyam delivering a concise presentation on makerspaces and STEM education. Participants actively engaged in the workshop by exploring the workshop venue, including the FAB Lab, where they were introduced to various tools and received detailed explanations about their functionalities. Then they had a discussion on the main challenges they encounter within their school environment. To address the identified challenges, the participants were assigned design projects, where they worked together to develop innovative solutions, utilizing the principles of project-based learning. This activity encouraged creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork among the participants. The participants expressed great enthusiasm for future workshops and expressed a desire for their children and students to have the opportunity to visit Spark. Their feedback was collected through an activity that allowed them to reflect on their workshop experience and provide suggestions for improvement.