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Third Young Researchers Workshop

We are thrilled to share the wonderful comments we have received from our young co-researchers during the third workshop held at Spark as part of the Making Spaces Project, being implemented in partnership with the University College of London (UCL). This enriching workshop focused on exploring the vital concept of inclusion, where the participants shared what they think of Spark in terms of the topic being discussed. Karam Mortaja beautifully expressed, "Spark is a warm place that welcomes everyone, ensuring that all participants feel included and valued." Mustafa AL Hayek emphasized the core principle of equality at Spark, stating, "Participants at Spark enjoy equal opportunities to show their creativity, express themselves through various art forms, take on leadership roles, utilize diverse tools, and proudly showcase their work." Majd Almasri passionately highlighted the inclusive environment at Spark, affirming, "At Spark, people feel included because they and their work both are appreciated. It's a nurturing space where unity, fairness, and equality are celebrated, and where discrimination based on gender, background, age, disability, or geographical location has no place."