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Spark Innovation and Creativity Celebrates the Day of Presentation of Ideas and Projects


At the conclusion of a summer filled with hard work, challenges, creativity, and difficulties, we wrapped up our summer activities with a visit to Gaza Municipality for a meeting aimed at presenting the ideas and projects previously submitted to the school's head, Dr. Yahya Al-Sarraj. The meeting took place in the presence of several relevant engineers and experts specializing in waste management and traffic safety.


Young men and women had the opportunity to present their experiences to the audience. They engaged in discussions with the audience about the challenges they faced and the steps they took during their research on the problem. They also emphasized the importance of empathizing with the problem's owner and employing design thinking strategies to find solutions that ultimately led to the final product.


During this event, Dr. Al-Sarraj expressed his profound admiration for the eloquence of the young speakers who effectively conveyed their projects, demonstrating a deep understanding of their subjects. He encouraged them to continue exerting their diligence and innovative efforts, as these qualities would enable them to make significant contributions to the country's advancement and prosperity.


Commenting on the meeting, Ms. Hiam Al-Hayek, the Executive Director of the Spark Foundation, remarked, "At Spark, we invest in youth and innovative ideas, without looking back. Our goal is to achieve growth and progress by creating an inspiring educational environment that fosters creative thinking and innovation." She further explained that certain constraints, such as slow economic growth and limited access to financing, are currently impeding progress. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in young talents, promote scientific research, and empower individuals. Given the right opportunities, people are capable of accomplishing remarkable feats.