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French Institute Team Explores Partnership Possibilities at Spark

French Institute Team Explores Partnership Possibilities at Spark

A significant step in local collaboration occurred as a delegation from the respected French Institute of Gaza, led by Director Francois Tiger, paid a meaningful visit to Spark for Creativity and Innovation. The purpose was to strengthen connections and explore how both groups can work together.

Heyam Al-Hayek, the director of Spark for Innovation and Creativity, warmly welcomed the visitors, setting the tone for a productive exchange of ideas and experiences. The discussions centered on finding ways to cooperate, especially in fields like engineering, technology, math, arts, and science.

The conversations didn't only focus on what each side has achieved but also sparked fresh ideas for future teamwork. Both groups realized that by joining forces, they can achieve more and create exciting new projects. Moreover, the visit included presenting the projects that have been created by young learners, and how such projects function.

The visit highlighted the importance of sharing ideas and working together in the fields of creativity and innovation. Beyond just learning from each other, this visit laid the foundation for building lasting relationships that can lead to future collaborations.

The French Institute's visit to Spark isn't just a one-time event; it marks the start of a journey toward working together. As both organizations look ahead, there's potential for exciting projects that make a positive impact.