All that is real must someday be imagined

Programming is not as difficult as you might imagine !!!

This is how Jabra Tarzi and Tariq Sourani began their meeting today with the children of the Little Engineer camp.
Although Tariq and Jabra are still in the tenth grade (15 years old), they presented an excellent interactive workshop on the concept of programming, and this is the testimony of the children who unanimously agreed that today was one of the most enjoyable days in the camp.
  Tarek and Jabra adopted the Kahoot! And the Minecraft program as educational tools sparked enthusiasm among children who competed with each other to solve the tasks required of them...
  The interesting thing about the subject is that the children were understanding the concepts and implementing them easily and seamlessly. They were learning while they were playing, and this is what Tariq and Jabra succeeded in more than the adults. I think that Tariq and Jabra succeeded in leading their workshop in a way that adults may not be able to.. And I think that teaching innovative leadership skills is worth it. Teach it to our children early.